Exact Online Integrated Apps


  • End-to-end  analytics solution with a built-in automated data warehouse. 
  • Pre-built integration with Exact Online for quick and easy access to all your data. 
  • Ability to easily combine/analyze Exact data with other application data. 
  • Self-service dashboards to uncover faster, deeper insights from data. 
  • 100+ pre-built dashboards across all functions.  
  • Proactive alerts based on real-time data - Traffic light system. 
  • Instant collaboration via built-in messenger on every dashboard. 
  • Go Live on Day One. 


  • Insight into your order information in vPlan
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Identify your bottlenecks quickly
  • Remain in charge of your planning
  • vPlan is for your entire organisation
  • Your capacity under control
  • Benefit from the connection between vPlan and Exact Online. Get insight into your order information and bottlenecks and get control of your planning with vPlan and Exact Online.