Exact for Manufacturing 


Modernise your manufacturing company by integrating manufacturing and accounting with your order management, inventory management and relationship management. In this way everything is matched, and you get unprecedented control over your manufacturing. Always focus on profit-making products and outsmart the competition.

The most important benefits:

  • Calculate highly competitive quotes extremely rapidly.
  • Manage your manufacturing company with work orders.
  • Gain thorough insight into the margins.
  • Work in a lean way thanks to the manufacturing dashboard.

Manufacture in a lean & mean way 

Get sharp insight into the turnover and profitability per customer or (multi-layer) product. Compare estimates with the actual costs per work order. Follow all automated processes in real-time from anywhere for ultimate control. 

Work in a smarter way 

Calculate quotes with a single press of a button. Mix-mode manufacturing allows you to manufacture in a flexible way. Whether work orders come from customers (MTO, ATO) or to supplement inventory (MTS). The materials and delivery date are connected automatically. 

Check out this great video of Exact Online Manufacturing!