Exact for Wholesale & Distribution


Integrate order management, relationship management and inventory management with accounting and count your (time) profits. Everything is linked. Double entries are a thing of the past. Because everything is online, everyone works with the same up-to-date data.

The most important benefits: 

  • Integrate order and inventory management with your accounting & CRM.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with professional relationship management.
  • Share information with customers and suppliers easily.
  • Gain ultimate control over your inventory and cash flow.

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Gain complete control over your stock

Optimum levels of stock. New levels of efficiency. From drop shipment to multiple warehouses and locations - we’ve got you covered. Set maximum stock levels and reorder points. Connect your webshop and scan application for full insight.

Improve customer satisfaction

Instant access to key information. The latest figures on stock positions, cash flow and margins - all in one dashboard. Including alerts and to do's. Allowing you to deliver the services your customers expect.

Check out this great video of Exact Online Wholesale & Distribution